Advecta™ II contains the same active ingredients used in Advantage® II

Also Available for Cats
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About Advecta™
About Advecta™ Brand

Understanding the health risks associated with fleas is very important in order to ensure that each dog and cat is safe all season long. The mission of Advecta™ is to keep your pet healthy by providing a fast-acting and long lasting solution to treat and protect your pet from fleas, flea eggs and larvae, and chewing lice.

Advecta™ contains the same active ingredients used in Bayer Advantage® II and protects your pet against flea populations with an easy-to-use solution. Advecta™ can be found exclusively at Target stores nationwide.

Protect Your Pet With Advecta™ II.
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Depending on the season and where you live, fleas can be a big problem. Unfortunately, if you live in warmer climate fleas can be a year-long concern. While some colder areas have a few months to rest easy, fleas are never far from finding their next home. What’s more is that these small pests are nothing more than a pain and concern for you, your home, and your pet’s health.
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Advecta™ is available at Target stores nationwide. To find a store near you or to purchase online, click on the link below.
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